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Watch for trends and patterns in insider trading activities to make smarter investment decisions and discover trading opportunities.

Insider Trading 101

Most traders and investors mistakenly think that insider trading is an illegal activity. Not only it is legal for insiders to trade the stock, they are required by law to make their security acquisitions and dispositions public by filing their trades with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This is where you can benefit from them.

Why Watch Insiders?

While doing his insider trading research, Nejat Seyhun, a professor at the University of Michigan found that when insiders purchased shares in their own organizations, the stock had a tendency to beat the market by 8.9% over 12 months period. Then again, when they sold their shares, the stock underperformed the market by 5.4%.

Create comprehensive alerts to receive notifications when insider stock trades occur.
  • Watch a certain stock
  • Or entire sectors
  • Stocks within a price range
  • Advanced selection criteria
  • Detect unusual trading patterns

Eliminate Noise

Thousands of forms from corporate insiders are filed with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) daily.

We consume all data but only alert you when we see trades that are relevant to you or match your search criteria.

Data Analysis

We store the filings and put them through our data analysis algorithms to detect patterns in insider buys and sells.

Clusters of trades from C-level executives within a short period of time normally indicate stronger signals.

Mashups and Overlays

We love crunching data. We collect technical and fundamental statistics and stock performance indicators from various sources to give you even more trading ideas.

Let us know your favorite criteria for selecting trades for your portfolio.

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